Wednesday, 28 June 2017


It is with love and humble acceptance of God's will that we announce the death and burial arrangements of our mother, Late Mrs Jummai P. M Kasuwa who died on the 24th June 2017 after a protracted illness. She died at the age of 58.

Wake Keep: Friday 30th June 2017 at the son's compound, behind 1st ECWA Church Takau Kafanchan at 4pm.

The cortege leaves the Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa Memorial Hospital Kafanchan at 9am on Saturday 1st July 2017 for the Funeral Service/internment at the son's compound, behind 1st ECWA Church Takau Kafanchan. Burial shall follow thereafter at the same venue.

Announcer: Family.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Hon Bar Sunny Marshal katung's closing remarks after the 5 day Skill Aquisitiion programme organised by him for members of his contitueny


I stand here in gratitude, first to God Almighty for the privilege and opportunity to be here and to represent the good people of Zango Kataf and Jaba local government area. And then to you the good people of my constituency, for your show of love and support to me and the numerous projects we have been embarking on in our constituency.

I must say that the journey has been challenging, but then as it is often said, “where there is a will, there is always a way”. I pledged in the campaigns to provide you the dividends of democracy, and so whatever it takes to bring them to your door steps, I will expressly do.

In line with our promise to you, we have embarked on several projects that we know will be of economic advantage to the people. We have embarked on rural electrification projects in communities that have been kept in the dark, drilling of boreholes to provide portable water for the people, and this year with the kind assistance of the Speaker we are embarking on road rehabilitation, with particular reference to Jere kurmin jibrin kwoi road , Kachia Zonkwa to Samaru road etc., just to mention a few.

The next step which I am most passionate about is to embark on projects we believe will have impact on the people directly and will be an investment into their future and the next generation. And by this I mean projects on EMPOWERMENT through Skills acquisition. The issue of Youth and women empowerment has been very close to my heart. I believe that empowering the youth is the greatest investment we can make for the future as they constitute majority of our nation's populace.

I have thought deeply what measures we can take to salvage our people from the bond of laziness and poverty. Our youths today have been labelled names and engaged towards uncharitable purposes by those who do not want to see us progress, to perpetrate evil within their communities and the region. Our women are wasting away with all the potentials and value they can add to the economy.

These and other reasons informed our resolve to hold this empowerment training, so that we can engage the future generation in meaningful economic activities that will be of benefit to not only them, but to their immediate families, village, community, Local government, region and the country at large.

Because of the seriousness we attach to this issue, we decided to partner with a government agency (SMEDAN), which has all the expertise and capacity to deliver high quality empowerment training that we know will be highly beneficial and impactful. I am sure that all the participants can bear witness to that.

Another reason is that graduates of such programmes organised by SMEDAN have the opportunity to get grants and loans with government, development banks and NGOs much easier than others. To this end, I urge the participants to take advantage of what you have learnt and the certificates you have acquired to access government funding through the various development banks like the BOA (Bank of Agriculture), Bank of Industry (B.O.I) etc, and even the microfinance banks we have here. None among you is expected to remain idle after this.

In fact, in the next three months, we will be going round to take stock of those who have been able to make use of the skills they have acquired during this training and we will make efforts to support them and to improve their business as much as is possible.In furtherance of this objective of supporting the participants we are collaborating with two local banks towards opening accounts for all of you. The minimum amount required to open the account has been provided. We will make a modest contribution into each account when the process is completed. The idea is to enable you have a smooth start in your march towards self sustenance.
For those who missed out on this current exercise I assure you that another opportunity will avail itself. Thus I urge you to support and be happy for these participants so that your time will come soon.

I will like0to thank the team from SMEDAN and all the instructors that are here today. You have played a major role in making this programme a success and we cannot thank you enough for your sacrifice.
To my dear colleagues and friends your presence advise and support has kept me thus far and I will never take this for granted. My gratitude is beyond expression. I deliberately kept this program low profile by not inviting many colleagues and friends principally because of the challenges we are going through as a people in terms of security and the economy. Thankfully there appears to be concert
ed efforts of late to address both issues especially at the Federal level and by extension the state. We pray that permanent peace will be our portion going forward.
If we must develop our communities, then we must put our communities first,and not religion not ethnicity or sentiments but development of our communities.It is often stated that kindness is like butter and it works better when you spread it around.
In the words of our brother and friend Senator Dino Melaye, If you speak the truth you will die, if you don't speak the truth you will die. So let's all resolve from today to speak the truth to one another and die.
Once again my dear colleagues, friends and participants I thank you all for listening to me this morning.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


John Danfulani,Ph.D

British imperialists created Nigeria in 1914 through amalgamation of Southern and Northern protectorates for the ultimate goal of reducing the cost of administering the merged protectorates.The  political wedlock the colonial masters solemnized in 1914 was not with the express or tacit permission of the parties involved. Because they were out for political domination, economic exploitation,socio-cultural subjugation they consciously deployed the corrosive antics of divide and rule to make relationship between the amalgams babelous.

Integration and unity was not promoted  throughout the one century of colonialism in Nigeria because unity between and amongst the colonized will rocked the boat.Knowingly or  not the colonized swam their ignorant political fins into the colonizers' net of divide and rule. Some of the manifestations of this game was constant rejection of each constitution introduced by the colonialists.Even the official date of lowering of the Union Jack was a subject of tense debate and issuing of threats by some regions.

While bidding goodbye, to the colonized,imperialists could not outrightly terminate the unholy political wedlock they engineered nor forged a separation.By implication, they handed over  a political setting of three regions and a federal government under a Westminster  designed parliamentary system to Nigerians.

In 1967 the junta of General Yakubu Jack Gowon introduced the phenomenon of States in the political firmament of Nigeria.He dismantled the four existing regions and replaced them with 12 states.Subsequently, the juntas of Murtala/Obasanjo, Babangida and Abacha created additional states that enlarged the number to 36 and the Federal Capital Territory(FCT). This is the current order in Nigeria today.

From January 1966 to May of 1967 the juntas of Generals Aguironsi and Gowon via the unification decree and creation of states liquidated the Nigeria fiscal federalism and supplanted it with a hybrid of Federal/Unitary political system.Their actions changed the bottom-top revenue remittance order to top-bottom because of the takeover of all natural resources - especially oil from regions( later states) by the federal government.

 The juntas thought,very erroneously,that the unification decree and dismantling of regions was the best way of addressing aged all question of unity and peace  between the regions.Unfortunately,their actions boomeranged thereby rising more questions than answers.One of the recurring question while discussing their decision has always been:which yardstick guided the calving out of the states and local government in Nigeria?

Of the many backlashes concomitant with their actions was the destructive 30 months civil war(1967-1970) that was full of undying conflicting narrations from major and minor players. Added to this is the sinking  of the political structures that were self sustaining and living up to their constitutional schedules.The most disturbing repercussion is the complete lost of hope in the entire "Nigeria Project" by majority of Nigerians.

Aside inherent contradictions of the unification decree and States creation, there is the problem of scarcity of; credible, purpose driven, progressive, nationalistic, and God fearing leadership.The country's leaders ala the colonial masters played the game of divide and rule to divert the attention of the masses from their kleptomaniac,lootocratic and  anarchronistic "primitives accumulation".  When their mischievous backs are push to the political wall, they invoke the beast of religion, region or ethnicity to create escape routes. This strategy is old, but it is still an effective joker in the hands of our political class.

A combination of these events instigated  individuals and groups to continue to express their desire to restructure, conduct referendum or outright Balkanization of the 103yrs old political wedlock solemnised by the colonial masters.Recently, this centrifugal voices are echoing louder and becoming visible in all the nook and crannies of Nigeria. Most of the pan cultural groupings of Southern Nigeria are talking of restructuring or referendum. Some groups and individuals in the north have just added their voices in the agitation of tearing-apart of Nigeria.

Whilst admitting the Herculean nature embedded in any move to restructure or conduct a referendum, it seems our surest and safest way out of this quagmire. We have pretended far too long and it's "moronish" to keep  playing the ostrich by plying this path. Elsewhere climes that were accidentally or incidentally hemmed as single political entities peacefully balkernized. Some of these countries are: Yugoslavia, Chekoslavakia, USSR, Eritrea,Cremea and  South Sudan.

We were not one before, during and after colonial rule.And can't be one in the future because of some sharp socio-cultural and political differences.In this 1914 contraption and political babel called Nigeria, there are quarters that don't believe in democracy, all they desire is a theocratic system predicated in some centuries old religious philosophies while others believe in moving along with the realities of the contemporary world.

In this Republic(1999 to date) we had federal lawmakers that stood in the lower and upper chambers to disagree with globally acceptable ages on marriage. And brazenly said, their religion do not barre them marrying girl child. What these lawmaker are saying is; when their religious beliefs clash with the constitution, the constitution will make way for their religious beliefs.The quintessential question here is; if everybody in the country prefers observing his religious rites instead of our 1999 constitution, what will Nigeria look like?

Between 2003-2011 we witnessed a very disgraceful decision by a state governor  on polio vaccine.Religious sentiment not tested and proven scientific facts was launched against a vaccine that was invented in the 50s and accepted globally. That derailed remarkable progress made towards eradicating of five child killer diseases. Within that period the country witnessed fresh cases of polio, a development that we didn't see in countries neck-deep in civil wars. After much hullabaloo the same man certified the vaccine, but that only those manufactured in Indonesia were permitted. His position painted a picture like; those made in his preferred country have different chemical combination than the ones manufactured in Europe and Americas.

Between 2007 to date the country saw the rise of militancy  in the Niger Delta region. The main mission of these groups is to inflict injuries to the nation's main economic base by damaging and setting ablaze oil facilities in their region. At a point, their destructive activities led to a sharp drop on the daily crude production and far off OPEC's approved quota for Nigeria . That affected the revenue base of all the three layers of authorities in the country. Though they have lowered down their activities, issues they pillared their protests on i.e.environmental  pollution/degradation and resource control are still on the lips of most of their political and community leaders.

Just recently, we saw how a lady that lived  the better part of her life in a state was beheaded.Her head was barbarically chopped-off not because a court of competent jurisdiction so ruled,  but because some hoodlums and miscreants believed she violated tenants of their holy book. In that clime and others, it is not the constitution that guides ones conduct, it is religious books.Is that action not saying that the 1999 constitution does'nt hold in their enclaves? Is that not the highest form of crime against the state? We all know that charges against the lady's killers had been dropped by the state prosecutors, they are walking free today.

Again, several states established uniform brigades akin to state police. Their task is not to maintain law and order nor carry out community service, but to enforce religious codes of conduct to both adherence and non believers of a particular religion. These faith-based brigades have victimized citizens enjoying their natural and social rights guaranteed in our 1999 constitution and other international and regional bills of rights. Those with a voice and eyes have muted and consciously refused to see the danger in this.

Still, we recently saw ruckus a simple issue like grazing  ignited across the nation .Some ultra-conservatives enclaves want a pre-modern world system of wandering with cattle to persist despite multifaceted disadvantages associated with it.All attempts to draw their attention to the fact that it is no longer a norm criss-crossing internal and international borders with cattle fell on deaf ears.Sad enough,in mixed states like Kaduna, the same forces and government that is receptive to grazing is not equally magnanimous to the idea of creating reserves for people rearing pigs and dogs. Their selfish and one-sided action is saying; what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

Nigeria spent gargantuan quantum of finances and human capital to strangulate to death the evil racial discriminatory Apartheid system in Southern Africa. But the same country that contributed immensely to annihilating apartheid is today practicing its modified specie of apartheid . In Nigeria of 29th May 2015-June of 2017, ones religion and ethnic background determines which right he/she enjoys. Peaceful protesters of Independent People of Biafra(IPOB)were massacred- including their peaceful solidarity rally of the swearing-in of President Donald John Trump on 20th January 2017. We also saw a lopsided arrest and prosecution of only Yorubas in the Ife clashes despite the fact that it was an all-out skirmishes that other ethnic groups precipitated and participated. Compatriots are also seeing how Governor Nasir Ahmad El-rufai of Kaduna State is maltreating and persecuting the people of Southern Kaduna because of their ethnic background and faith.All the people El-rufai has so far arrested and persecuted don't share his faith and are  from a different ethnic extraction.

On 3rd and 21st December of 2016 we read and heard a governor saying he hunted, communed and compensated killers of Southern Kaduna people in Mali, Chad, Cameroon, Senegal and Niger Republics. That was a foreign policy decision and action.The 1999 constitution placed foreign policy under the exclusive list. Legally, that action was  felonious because it was out of his constitutional jurisdiction.More to this, the action is morally bankrupt because you don't and can't compensate terrorist.Pundits have drawn the attention of the federal government to that coup d'état  by a governor , and also petitioned the National Assembly. As I script this piece,their fronts is dead quiet  like the Western Front during the Second World War.

With these irreconcilable differences stemming from some peoples feeling of ethno-religious cum regional superiority, it is practically impossible to continue to exist as a single political entity. Those quick to referring us to the provisos of the 1999 constitution that affirmed that Nigeria is indissoluble and indivisible needs the services of a psycho. Are they claiming ignorance of the fraud in the preamble of our 1999 constitution that piqued " We the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,having firmly and solemnly resolve, to live in unity and harmony as one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation under God, dedicated to the promotion of inter-African solidarity, world peace, international co-operation and understanding,and to provide for a Constitution for the purpose of promoting the good government and welfare of all persons in our country, on the principles of freedom, equality and justice, and for the purpose of consolidating the unity of our people,do hereby make, enact and give to ourselves the following Constitution:...". Where and when did Nigerians sit and spewed such absurdities called resolutions? A nation that its binding laws started with a fat pit of hell lie can't not honestly and justly stand.

I don't succumb to clamours for restructuring because there is nothing left to restructure in Nigeria. Is it possible to restructure a rotten and partly collapsed structure?  I yearn for  a complete balkernization of this unholy, unsolicited and semi-apartheid state through an internationally supervised referendum. The right to self-determination must come to play, right away. Now is time to get it done(with speed of light) else we will all slip-down the rocky and rough cliff that will consume all of us and spread an apocalyptic disaster that the world can't handle. It is said,"a stitch in time saves nine".

To ye tent o Israel.

John Danfulani,Ph.D

Hon. Katung Begins Entrepreneurship Training For Women And Youth In Southern Kaduna

Worried by the level of economic hardship being  experienced by citizens in parts of Southern Kaduna communities, the members representing Zangon Kataf /Jaba Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, Barr. Sunday Marshall Katung Monday 19th June,  2017 begun  a 5-Day skill acquisition training programme for women and youths in the area.

Katung was represented by Dr John Ayuba, former Commissioner for Finance and Water Resources in Kaduna State at the flag off of the five day training held at the Community Hall in Zonkwa, Zangon Kataf local government.

The Legislator said the initiative was aimed at boosting the economic status of members of the constituency through skill acquisition for self reliance.

"As elected representatives of the people, it beholves on us to give back to the society especially for the support and cooperation from the people.

"It is our drive that the lives of our youths and women would be improved as they acquire skills that would in turn impact the larger community," he said.

Katung urged participants to take full advantage of the training so as to combat unemployment through job creation.

Mr John Luka of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), Co-partners and a Resource person at the training said that the training was packaged to equip participants with entrepreneurship skills that would make them compete favorably in the global world.

Luka said the training had been packaged with modules that would focus on Soap, detergent and pomade making.

"It is our aim that after this training, participants will on their own start making soaps, either the solid or liquid type for business and personal consumption.

"This training would eventually make participants self-reliant and meaningful contributors to their families and their respective communities," he said.

Sarah Stephen,  a resident of Zonkwa who is a participant at the training said the programme was timely as it would engage a number of unemployed persons from the area to explore means of livelihood rather than depend on the government for jobs.

"I look forward to owning my own enterprise and for me, this training is a spring board," she said.

Also, Suchet Adamu also a participant from Zangon kataf local government commended the organiser of the training and prayed that the gesture would be sustained so as to give everyone a sense of belonging.

The Senior Legislative Aide to the Hon. Member, Mr Francis Sani while talking to Journalists asserted that the  over 170 beneficiaries who are participating in the programme, were selected randomly from various communities.

He disclosed that all  participants are entitled to free meal daily, while those coming from distance will be transported to the venue on a daily basis.

He said the programme was well thought of and his principal is committed to it fully.

Hon. Katung is committed to eradicating Poverty ,idleness and creating Jobs in his constituency.

It would be recalled that the Honourable member recently distributed fertilizers to farmers in order to increase food production in the area.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017


BY JF. Dabo

Today the holy mother church (Catholic Church) celebrates the trinity Sunday, this is a reflection coming not from a theologian but a Philosopher, if the reflection does you no good, please do not allow it do you harm.

Mine here is an opinion on understanding the Trinitarian doctrine. I have spend a lot of time between 2011 till date trying to investigate for my self such controversial topics as the trinity, operation of the soul, spirit, and mind, other issues are separating man from person, the person as immortal, truth, goodness and badness among others. These should be put together in a book form in the coming years. But, today offers us an opportunity to meditate on the Trinity, may the grace of the trinity Sunday abide with us and make reveal to us the knowledge we need from this doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

Many philosophers and Theologians have attempt a study into the mystery of the Holy Trinity, it most certainly will end in a surrender to faith and nothing more. In one occasion of St. Augustine's search for the trinity, the little child by the sea shore believed to be an angel told the Hippo Saint that searching for the trinity is just perfectly compared to the folly in a little boy's attempt to empty the water of an entire sea into a small hole. That suggest how impossible a venture into unveling the mystery of the trinity stands.

In my opinion, the Holy trinity is not three persons in one God. Understanding this take is dependant on understanding my definition of person. By my definition of person you will understand that to say the trinity is three persons in one God suggest that it is a case of three different Souls in One God by conventional definition. Then the question, who is God? Is he a spirit, a body, or another being that has no definition?

I have been unable to put one and two together to lead me into understanding God as a body. It is much more easy to ascribe to God the spirit nature. That is what will enable the believe of his existing and living everywhere and always. For to ascribe to God the nature of a body (matter) is to confine him within a particular space and time, yes, a particular space because it is necessary to hold the fact that every body no matter it shape, size or age of being necessarily occupies a particular place and time within which it is perceivable through every means empirical. A body is no body until it is seeable, touchable, 'feelable', 'smellable' and what have you. It is simply perceivable through the five human senseable organs.

The concept of person was developed during the Trinitarian and Christological debates of the 4th and 5th centuries in contrast to the word nature. During the theological debates, some philosophical tools (concepts)
were needed so that the debates could be held on common basis to all theological schools. The purpose of the debate was to establish the relation, similarities and differences between the Λóγος/ Verbum and God. The
philosophical concept of person arose, taking the word " prosopon " (πρόσωπον) from the Greek theatre . Therefore, Christus (the Λóγος/ Verbum ) and God were defined as different "persons". This concept was applied later to the Holy Ghost, the angels and to all human beings.

By the Latin and Greek definition of person, in the original sense of the word, a person simply means an appearance as it relates to a particular act. The Romance of the word person and the Greek Theatre suggests that the word person in fact does not stand for a being, but the perceived quality of a being as it appears to the spectator. It means, it is not in fact the face behind the mask that is the person who I should call the person of ... In the event. For instance, in a 2004 Movie titled " Submission", Patience Ozokwor acted the character of "Sussana" who was a very wicked mother-in law that caused great havoc to her daughter (Azuka)'s marriage. By the definition of person, it means that, the wicked mother in-law is not Patience Ozokwor but Sussana. But it is not again any Sussana in your neighborhood but the particular Sussana in the 2004 Nollywood movie. After the Movie, Patience acted a lot others, there are some she is a nice mother, in another, she could be a hardworking widow. These are three different appearances of the actress Patience Ozokwor and in each she appeared differently for a purpose.

It is against this background that I define a person as the perceived qualities in a being as it relates to the spectator. It is how a being appears not how a being looks. Here 'appearance' means a true manifestation of a whole self and 'looks' is just an appeal to the sense of sight capable of being deceptive mostly. Appearance is to both internal and external senses while looks is just to one external sense of sight. The person Jubal is who you see, feel, touch ... In my talk, walk, work, ... Not simply the face here. The definition of my person is more on my impact in your life and how I appear to you in truth from how I appeal to both your internal and external sense. I may look a crook but by the act of relating with me you meet a different person. It means I only look a crook, but my true appearance may not be a crook.

The definition of Trinity as three persons by the church could largely be ascribed the definition of the original definition of Person as in the Greek mask. This then will land us into concluding that, the Trinity in fact is not three beings in one God but three different 'masky' appearances of God. I love this.

By the original definition of a person above, we will better understand the trinity as One God who appear by action in three different masks (appearance) to mankind. As Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the hol spirit being to me the original being of God (God is Spirit).

As Father:
As God the Father, we see, feel and relate with God in the very act of creation. (... In him all things hold their being). A father especially in the African community is the should owner of everything in the family. More practically in ideal African society, he is the bread winner of the family for he provide all for all hence 'owns' all in, and all. God is the genesis of every thing that is, he owns the whole world and all there in, he is the soul provider hence holding all even lives. But for him, there is no creation. That is the first appearance. We first encounter God in the stage of creation, wearing the mask of a Father.

As Son:
As God the son, he took the form of his most superior child (human) to come to the world and dwell with his children in the act of salvation. If a father must enjoy his children, he must reduce himself from the seat of fatherhood to the floor where the children play, enjoy their toys with them, he must some times eat their biscuits first before the child will agree to be feed by him with the biscuits. There was no other way to gain acceptance by many than for the Father to wear the mask of the son and come to earth. In fact, recall that he got to the Cross for using the tag son of God. Besides Matter is necessary for living on earth. The body is the only machine that allows you live on earth else you will only be existing. (God in the mask of Son).

As Spirit:
As the spirit he came in the days of the acts of the apostles. As the comforter, the sustainer. The child who is about to start a competition enjoys it when he turns around and oh! Daddy is seated up there watching, that child envelopes by the comfort the presence of his parent gives him enjoys and gives out the best in the game. So wearing the spirit mask is necessary. I use is because that is the only appearance of God that still exist.

Once upon a time there was a Father who created all things, after creation he left, no one knows him beyond the disgraceful encounter at the garden of Eden. Once upon a time there was a son that came, lived and died, rose on the third day and flew body and soul to sky, till now he is yet to be back. And there is a spirit that came and till now yet to leave us.


In the early Church, no special Office or day was assigned for the Holy Trinity. When the Arian heresy was spreading, the Fathers prepared an Office with canticles, responses, a Preface, and hymns, to be recited on Sundays. In the Sacramentary of St. Gregory the Great (P.L., LXXVIII, 116) there are prayers and the Preface of the Trinity. The Micrologies (P.L., CLI, 1020), written during the pontificate of Gregory VII (Nilles, II, 460), call the Sunday after Pentecost a Dominica vacans , with no special Office, but add that in some places they recited the Office of the Holy Trinity composed by Bishop Stephen of Liège (903-20). By others the Office was said on the Sunday before Advent. Alexander II (1061–1073), refused a petition for a special feast on the plea, that such a feast was not customary in the Roman Church which daily honoured the Holy Trinity by the Gloria Patri , etc., but he did not forbid the celebration where it already existed. John XXII (1316–1334) ordered the feast for the entire Church on the first Sunday after Pentecost. A new Office had been made by the Franciscan John Peckham, Canon of Lyons, later Archbishop of Canterbury (d.1292). The feast ranked as a double of the second class but was raised to the dignity of a primary of the first class, 24 July 1911, by Pius X (Acta Ap. Sedis, III, 351). Since it was after the first great Pentecost that the doctrine of the Trinity was proclaimed to the world, the feast becomingly follows that of Pentecost.

Trinity Sunday is celebrated in all the Western liturgical churches: Roman Catholic, Anglican , Lutheran , Presbyterian , United Church of Christ , and Methodist .The Sundays following Pentecost, until Advent , are numbered from this day. In traditional Catholic usage, the First Sunday After Pentecost is on the same day as Trinity Sunday .

In the revised Roman rite , Ordinary Time resumes one week earlier, on the Monday after Pentecost, with the Sundays that would otherwise fall on Pentecost and Trinity Sunday omitted that year. In the Church of England, following the pre-Reformation Sarum use ,the following Sunday is the "First Sunday after Trinity", while the Episcopal Church in the United States of America (ECUSA) now follows the Catholic usage, calling it the Second Sunday after Pentecost. The liturgical colour used on Trinity Sunday is white.

In the Catholic Church, the Sunday after Pentecost sunday is officially known as the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. Prior to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council , it marked the end of a three-week period when church weddings were forbidden. The period began on Rogation Sunday, the fifth Sunday after Easter . Trinity Sunday was established as a Double of the Second Class by Pope John XXII to celebrate the Trinity .It was raised to the dignity of a Double of the First Class by Pope Pius X on 24 July 1911. During the Middle Ages, especially during the Carolingian period, devotion to the Blessed Trinity was a highly important feature of private devotion and inspired several liturgical expressions. The currently prescribed liturgical color is

In the traditional Divine Office, the Athanasian Creed ( Quicumque vult) is said on this day at Prime . Before 1960, it was said on all Sundays after Epiphany and Pentecost which do not fall within Octaves or on which a feast of Double rank or higher was celebrated or commemorated, as well as on Trinity Sunday. The 1960 reforms reduced it to once a year, on this Sunday.

In the 1962 Missal, the Mass for the First Sunday After Pentecost is not said or commemorated on Sunday (it is permanently impeded there by Trinity Sunday), but is used during the week if the ferial Mass is being said. The Thursday after Trinity Sunday is observed as the Feast of Corpus Christi . In some countries, including the United States, Canada, and Spain, it may be celebrated on the following Sunday, when parishioners are more likely to attend Mass and be able to celebrate the feast. The Athanasian Creed, although not often used, is recited.

In the Anglican Church particularly, Trinity Sunday has the status of a Principal Feast in the Church of England and is one of seven principal feast days in the Episcopal Church . Thomas Becket (1118–70) was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury on the Sunday after Pentecost ( Whitsun ), and his first act was to ordain that the day of his consecration should be held as a new festival in honour of the Holy Trinity. This observance spread from Canterbury throughout the whole of western Christendom.

To me, the Holy Spirit is the original nature of God, he lives forever, he made himself manifest to mankind in two different appearances before finally taking his full nature. The first to appearance were necessary for the understanding of himself my the created things. He needed to be a Father to create, since he created every being out of nothing and with some limitations, the being itself knows not its origin, hence lacks the sense of focus, to redirect this being, The spirit needed to put an appearance of the son, when man met the son, interact with the son in the most cruel way, latter learned to believe more strongly in the son, then to provide a link, the son said, "I am going to send down the holy spirit". Before now he had always told us, " the father ... The father... I and the father..." But at easter he told us "I will". To mean posessing such authority over the spirit. Of cause only myself can send myself where I want to be. But because he is limited by the human body living on earth, he of cause needed to go up, unveil and return to live among us and comfort us. Sadly we today acknowledge the Father and Son (Mather and Matter related) than the Holy spirit who we only take for a force like fire to fight the devil.

Lord, I thank you for revealing yourself to your little ones, living Spirit of God. Be praise both now and forever. Amen.

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Saturday, 10 June 2017


Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-rufai
The Governor of Kaduna State,
Sir Kashim Ibrahim House Kaduna.



On 6th June 2017 a Coalition of Northern Nigeria Youth Groups met in Arewa House Kaduna and reeled an illegal, morally bankrupt and politically suicidal ultimatum directing  Ndigbos  living in Northern Nigeria to relocate to their states of origin. They promised dire consequences for any Ndigbo that ignore their deadly directive.

On Wednesday the 7th of June 2017 you repudiated and nullified their 6th June 2017 ultimatum. And directed security agencies to trail, nap and prosecute them for using Kaduna State as an assembly  plan and launching pad of their felonious project. Your position was fully supported by other northern governors.

A day after your rebuttal,arrest, and prosecute directive, the miscreants and apostles of doom resurfaced and reinforced their 6th June 2017 position. And unabashedly lambasted you and your other colleagues that distanced themselves and their people from their doomsday ultimatum.

As all men and women of pure conscience, goodwill, and peace were condemning the infamous quit notice to Ndigbos, on Friday 9th June 2017,Prof Ango Abdullahi,a Village Head in Zazzau Emirate of Kaduna State- a veteran nepotist, a first class irredentist,a regional warlord, and a confused ethnic-supremacist, used the platform of Northern Elders Forum(NEF) and supported the evangelists of destruction of peace and unity of Nigeria.

After Prof Ango Abdullahi's unwarranted gibberish, the Secretary General of NEF  Dr. Paul Unongo distilled  the air by asserting  in unambiguous terms that; the gerontocratic regional champion and ethnic-supremacist  has no mandate to speak for their group. From Dr.Unongo's statement, there is no second guessing that  the District Head didn't speak on behalf of the conclave of self anointed northern Nigeria elders.

Dr. Unongo's declaration suggests that Prof Abdullahi is an imposter that illegally used the platform of esteemed club of NEF to support a felonious and morally bankrupt ultimatum. Therefore, Prof Abdullahi is their comrade-in-crime, his name must be included in the list of those to face arrest and prosecution. And the old Prof should be in the net with immediate alacrity.

After reading your resolved of 7th June 2017 we wrote a commendation letter to you and encouraged you to walk your talk to deter others nursing the ambition of hatching  events that will trigger another civil war in Nigeria. Since then, we have glued our eyes to news bars and pay attention to electronic media without hearing the news of any arrest, let alone prosecution of these jackals of disunity.

Effecting arrest of these people shouldn't be a Herculean task, for obvious reasons. First, somebody with a specific address applied for the venue of the event. Second, somebody approved and received payment for the usage of the venue.Third, somebody gave somebody the key to the venue of their meeting. Four, the same process unfolded when they addressed another press conference that reinforced their earlier position. Some radio and television stations even conducted interviews with them via the telephone. With these multiple leads and footprints, arresting them should be a matter of minutes or hours not days. Thus, we are struggling to know why they are still walking free.

Mr. Governor, we are entertaining this fear because of what happened in the cases of Audu Maikori/Luka Biniyet ( in February of 2017) and Alh Haruna Usman versus Nigeria Army (in March of 2017). These two incidences border conscious or unconscious making of statements that were  not anchored on realism on ground. Despite similarities of these incidences, you disgracefully cum selectively   acted on Audu/Biniyat's case and deliberately looked the other way on Miyatti Allah versus Nigeria Army's​ case. No special wisdom is needed to know why you adopted two dispositions on cases with similar ingredients. Ethno-religious sentiment guided your decisions,period.

Similarly, you went on a live Television programme (Hardcopy Channels TV) and tagged the leadership of Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU)  an umbrella organization of all Southern Kaduna ethnic groups  bigots because of their loud cries against the semi-genocide perpetrated by a Fulani Militia you openly accepted communing and compensating in foreign climes. The same you wore a deaf ear when Miyyati Allah and their kingpins acknowledged masterminding killings in some villages of Southern Kaduna. You refused to use your power of idioms and phrases coinage to reel-out a judgement on them.

It is clear from these cases that, you are practicing a specie of apartheid system in Kaduna. A political setting where ones ethnicity and religion determines which right he/she enjoys. No wonder all the people you have thus far arrested and persecuted pillared  on your shallow intellectual definition of hate speech, bigotry and fanatism, are all Christians and mostly people from Southern Kaduna. This is illegal and morally debasing because you took an oath on 29th May 2015 to treat all manner of persons equal as engraved in our 1999 constitution( as amended).

You can not Make Kaduna Great Again by institutionalizing an apartheid system in a democratic clime. And by suppressing, repressing, crudely  subjugating and maltreating people who don't share your faith or exploitative elitist political ideology.

 History and posterity shall never be kind to you. Don't ever lose sight  of the fact that the wicked goddess of vengeance has a long memory that never forgive nor forget. Kindly keep in mind that you must account (in local and international courts) for most of these heinous acts when your tenure and immunity expires by 10am of 29th May 2019.

Dr. John Danfulani
Chairman Centrum Initiative For Development And Fundamental Rights Advocacy(CEDRA),
P.O.Box 13777 Barnawa Kaduna.

Thursday, 8 June 2017



SOKAPU Disassociates Itself From the Reckless Kaduna Declaration.

            On June 6, 2017, a coalition of groups describing themselves as “Northern Youths” came together and issued what they called ‘The Kaduna Declaration’. They issued a three-month ultimatum to all Igbos to leave the north while asking all northerners to also leave the South-East. The coalition served the Igbos its intention to “reclaim, assume and assert sole ownership and control of … landed” properties and assets owned by Igbos in Northern Nigeria. Interestingly and by implication, the group claimed to be speaking for the 19 Northern States of Nigeria. The alleged crime of the Igbos was their quest for secession.    

            We in SOKAPU held back for a while to carefully study the national implication of that declaration, but we can say now without doubt that Section 41, Sub-section 1 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria very explicitly safeguards the rights of all Nigerians to reside in any part of the country with no hindrance whatsoever. The “Arewa Youths” that spoke lack the mandate to speak for all the people of the north, and, certainly, not for Southern Kaduna people. We insist that all Nigerians have the right to live and carry out legitimate affairs in all parts of the Country.

            We unequivocally disassociate ourselves from the toxic fumes of hate and bigotry belched out against the Igbos without provocation by the so-called Arewa Youths for the following reasons:

a.       The lgbos did not in anyway offend Southern Kaduna People. We are a hospitable and accommodating people. We assure the Igbos that their property and assets (movable or immovable) in Southern Kaduna are secured, assured and guaranteed. The security of all Igbos in Southern Kaduna is guaranteed. We will continue to accommodate the Igbos and all persons of goodwill towards us irrespective of their primordial, ethnic or religious cleavages.

b.      The expressed desire of the Igbos to have a separate country of their own is an inalienable right which has not in any way, in our opinion, translated into a crime or provocation to us in Southern Kaduna, the North or the Nigerian State

c.       The lgbos have so far in our estimation merely exercised their rights to gather and to protest peacefully. They exercised their constitutional rights to acquire property in the nooks and crannies of this country. These are not criminal actions.

d.      We were not consulted by the so-called Arewa groups before issuing the Kaduna Declaration despite the fact that Southern Kaduna is in the North West. The declarants, it appears clearly, do not see us as part of the North. None of the 53 ethnic nationalities of Southern Kaduna were consulted. Neither was SOKAPU the umbrella body of the 53 ethnic nationalities of Southern Kaduna consulted. They have, it appears, excised us from the North. They have shown utter contempt and disregard for us as a people. They did not speak for us. Those making such calls threatening fire and brimstone on the Igbos have only served to poignantly demonstrate their bizarre nature. They should be arrested and prosecuted by the Nigerian State immediately. To threaten bona fide Nigerians with eviction and confiscation of their properties is to beat war drums. It is incitement against the Igbos. We condemn the Declaration without reservations.

We ask the “Northern Youths” to look carefully inward into the north and they would find that other bigger problems facing the north’s existence, unity and cohesion has been festering without any comments from them. They should work towards strengthening the fragile trust that exists between and amongst all northerners with other ethnic groups than resorting to hate statements and incendiary ultimatum to bonafide Nigerians. These issues should be of immediate concern to them and not the Igbos.

Thank You.

 Signed: Mr Yakubu Kuzamani

National Public Relation Officer